Light Up Your Business: The A to Z of New Commercial Electrical

New Commercial Electrician

Creating a visually impressive set up as well as providing delightful experience to the visitors is essential for your commercial space. For malls and businesses, one of the most important aspects of attracting new clients inside your space is to create a visually appealing interior. On the other hand for hospitals, schools, office buildings providing people with the best in class experience, basic facilities and a comfortable experience is of utmost priority. Installing different electrical gizmos plays a vital role to deck up your space. If you are looking for expert services for your commercial space in Perth city, Australia, Gen Y Electrical is here to help you with brand new commercial electrical installation.

Understanding the Basics of New Commercial Electrical Installation

For a newly built commercial space you need a new commercial electrical installation. The basic components of an electric network are metre, circuit breaker panel, circuits and an intricate network of wires. These wires are the life support of your electrical system. Creating the right networking by following correct methodologies and Australian electrical safety standards requires skills and expertise. Also commercial electrical services are quite different from the residential ones. Hence you need a separate team of experts for this. 

Different Types of New Commercial Electrical Installations

Since the term “commercial electrical services” covers a wide range of jobs and commercial places, there are lots of different works for new commercial installation. 

  • Commercial Circuit Installation: The installation of a power distribution system is the key here, through which the power supply of the entire building is controlled. Indeed it is the single most important thing for commercial electrical installations. 
  • Public Safety Tools: Installation of public safety tools is mandatory, such as fire and smoke alarms, emergency lighting, emergency sirens or alarms, lift breakdown support, escalator safety tools, emergency power backup and supply etc. All of these tools help make it easier for the visiting people to get help when in distress inside the building.
  • Central Air-Conditioning: Without air-conditioners a public place is incomplete nowadays, especially malls, shopping centres and hospitals. Central air-condition systems are the best fit for these big spaces. 
  • Commercial lighting Installation: Commercial spaces are incomplete without intelligent lighting. It sets the ambiance, increases functionality both on the inside and on the outside of the commercial space. When the lights are well put together in a certain area the impact is striking. It changes the whole vibe. Strategic placement of ambient lighting is the key here. Lights can change the way you feel in a closed space. It literally helps you relax, unwind, have a light conversation, increase efficiency of workers and there are many more such impacts that ambient lighting brings.
  • Security System Installation: Public safety and security is one of the top priorities of commercial buildings. This includes CCTV cameras installation along with the monitoring unit to operate them. 
  • Other Commercial Electrical Installations: While the above few are the most important ones, there are several other electrical installations which we should not forget, such as hot water heaters in hotels and hospitals, laboratory set ups, chimneys in kitchens etc. are to name a few. These installations are vital to maintain a healthy work space.

Commercial Circuit Installation

In commercial places the circuits are wired differently. It depends majorly upon the criteria and the size of the space. For example, a movie theatre needs different facilities than a school or a hospital. So the circuit installation is done as per the needs which largely varies. When you hand over your commercial circuit installation work to the experts, like us, you get the best in class services for your space and save you time.

Why Choose Gen Y Electrical for Your Commercial Electrical Installations

When you decide to go ahead with experts, your work gets easier, takes less time and your system sustains a lot longer. At Gen Y Electrical, we prioritise each work, finish them with utmost care and efficacy. We also have work experience of more than 20 years. From new commercial electrical installations to commercial repair and maintenance, we offer all kinds of services to take care of your space. With the glowing reviews from our customers and winning the trust of returning customers Gen Y Electrical has helped people in and around Perth city, Australia. We also offer a 24×7 emergency helpline number to provide our customers with urgent help. With our transparent, fixed pricing policy we get to serve each and everyone of you exactly the same way.


We understand that as a commercial place owner it is your goal to attain electrical efficiency both inside and outside of your property. Getting experts to do the intricate, strategic and the difficult jobs is the best decision. Be it a new installation, repair or maintenance we are up for all tasks. Set up a call with us today.

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