What You Need To Know About Split System Air Conditioning

Split System Air Conditioner

With the rising heat every year the popularity of air conditioners is also rapidly increasing. Almost every home has one AC and the ones who don’t are planning to get one soon.

With this high demand let’s understand today how split system air conditioning works. Right from installation to requirements, pros, cons, what size you need for your room, maintenance etc. we will talk about almost everything.

So without any further introduction let’s get started.

What Is A Split System Air Conditioner?

A split system air conditioner consists of two components, the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. 

The indoor unit is the one that absorbs hot air and releases cool air into the rooms while the outdoor unit cools down the hot air and pumps it into the indoor unit.

Together they complete the process of cooling down and replacing the hot air of a closed area.

How Split System AC Works?

A split system air conditioner works by using its two units as mentioned above.

  1. The indoor unit absorbs the hot air and pumps it out through the outdoor unit. The AC unit pumps the refrigerant gas into the cooling circuits where it gets compressed and turns into liquid.
  2. This liquid gas is then pushed into the evaporator which eventually spreads the cold liquid gas into the indoor air.
  3. The gas spreads itself rapidly which creates a swift drop in the indoor temperature.
  4. The hot air from the room is also pulled into the evaporator coils to cool down.

Once cool this air is circulated back into the room again to reach the desired temperature set by the thermostat.

This is how a split system air conditioner works.

Pros of Split AC System

There are several pros of having this system installed at home. Basically split air conditioners are loved by most Australians and rightfully so. Let’s have a look at all the pros of it.

  1. Installation is easy, and can be installed in several rooms in the same house.
  2. The capacity of the air conditioners can be different in each room depending upon the dimension and heat proofing of the rooms.
  3. Convenient for small families.
  4. Installation charges are comparatively low.
  5. Cost effective.
  6. Low and easy maintenance.
  7. Runs smoothly without making noises.

Cons of Split AC System

Like everything else, despite all the positive aspects this too has some cons and here they are,

  1. They have limited capacity to push the air. So for larger rooms you may require more than one system. 
  2. The outdoor units may get overheated due to direct hot weather and sun exposure which may lead to bursting in extreme cases.

Can I Get Both Hot & Cold Air From The Same AC?

Not all the split air conditioners have the capacity to deliver both hot and cold air. Hence you need to install the specific ones which can blow hot air during cold and cold air during hot seasons.

How Do I Choose The Correct Size?

In order to cool the room efficiently you need to choose the correct size. To calculate this you have to determine these four parameters

  1. Size of the room. For example, a 10×20 square metre room will require 2.6kW unit, a 20×30 square metre room will need 3.5kW and so on.
  2. Heat insulation in the room, which ensures how much heat is staying and escaping. If properly insulated, the room will be far easier to cool down.
  3. Location of your house, as the climate in Australia is diverse and some places get severely hot during summers.
  4. Lastly, the direction of the room, i.e. which way your room is facing. The more direct sunlight is exposed, the higher amount of heat your walls will absorb. Hence more cooling capacity AC is required for such a room.  

Installation and Maintenance

Both installation and maintenance are easy, cost effective and quite a short process for split AC systems.

It is advised that you call an air conditioning specialist in Rockingham for these purposes.

Understanding this big home appliance is not an easy task. Hence leaving it in the hands of experts is the best way to ensure that your air conditioner is functioning optimally.


In the end it all comes down to user experience and cost effective usage of any electronic appliance. A split system air conditioner will give you the best user experience if you play by the rules.

Right from the installation to routine maintenance of your AC, hiring experts is one of the most cost effective ways.

Gen Y Electricals can be your best buddy when it comes to the air conditioning specialist in Rockingham and surrounding areas.

Contact us for all your air conditioner related needs and quarries. We are 24×7 ready to lend you our helping hands.

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