Keep Your Business Shining: An Insight Into The World of Electrical Maintenance for Commercial Buildings

Commercial Electrical Maintenance

Commercial places, especially businesses, need to appear trustworthy and visually appealing at the same time in order to draw the new prospective clients or customers. This makes the spotlessly shining interiors a top priority to commercial place owners. In order to make your space glow up you need to add proper lighting and install them strategically for the best results. Let’s discuss how the world of electrical maintenance for businesses and other commercial spaces works.

Understanding the Basic Commercial Electrical Setup

Commercial places consume a lot of electricity, far more than a residential building does. The base of their electrical setup includes transformers, meterbox, fusebox, intricate and super long network of wires, cables, switchboards and last but not the least, emergency power backup system etc. Using all these a commercial electrical setup is created by the expert commercial electricians. Once this base is all set up they move on to the next step which is installing lights, fans, air conditioners, lifts, emergency lightings, floor lights, outdoor lights, emergency backup lights all of these works are done to finish the final, ready to operate commercial building.

Commercial Electrical Requirements

Before we jump into the importance, let us first understand what are the commercial electrical requirements. Commercial places can be any business, public place like shopping centres or malls, movie theatres, hospitals, schools etc. Now all of these places have different orientation in terms of the services they provide us. So their electrical requirements also widely differ from each other. 

  • Schools can be quite simple from the outside but they require tall lights for the playground, spotlights for the stage, plain bright lights for the classrooms, and some different lights for laboratories etc.
  • Hospitals also have quite the similar requirements as the schools. Also air-conditioning, backup power supply system etc. are some of the most important requirements.
  • Malls and shopping centres, hotels and restaurants need to look attractive, aesthetically pleasing, relevant and relatable as per the targeted age group of people. Hence these places need the most works done in different themes and patterns. 

Importance Of Commercial Electrical maintenance

All electrical products require care and maintenance. They also do not last forever. Though they have a lifespan, they may get bad with prolonged usage for long hours, day and night. It is only through routine maintenance they can sustain and last a lifetime. Apart from prolonged usage, the ever rising summer temperature and heat is also impacting them. Overheating is the newly emerging enemy of all gadgets and appliances. Heat impacts the functionality of an electronic appliance, gadget. Only through timely maintenance can you cut down the cost of frequent repairs or replacements.  

The Crucial Role of Commercial Electrician

Whether you install the brand new technical equipment, gadgets and appliances for your commercial place, without maintenance everything will fall down someday. Commercial electricians are trained to work at odd hours as these places sometimes operate till late night and even all night, like the emergency section in the hospital. Hence the need of 24 hours commercial electrician becomes higher. Emergencies barely come with a prior notification. They arrive at your doorstep with the demands for urgent action. Only with the help of an experienced and expert commercial electrician the issues can be resolved in time. 


Research shows that numerous new businesses are getting launched every single day. Without maintenance they will not last long. As a result the demands for commercial electricians are also increasing. Only the experts with years of experience can provide the fastest, safest and the best possible solutions. At Gen Y Electrical, you can get 24×7 commercial electricians as well as experts for your non emergencies. If you are looking for the best electricians in Perth city, look no further, Gen Y Electrical is the one stop solution for all your commercial electrical maintenance and services. 

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